Fees and Services

A deposit of $150 is due immediately to hold the day, otherwise booking is first come first save.  The remaining amount is due the week of the wedding.

Custom Wedding Ceremony


My specialty!!  I like to meet with folks at least twice leading up to the ceremony.  The first visit is a ‘get to know you’ and the final visit shortly before the ceremony is to ensure that we are all on the same page and all final details are sorted out.  Aside from the 2 legal statements that are required to be said, we can literally make the ceremony what you want!  The Custom Wedding Ceremony includes:

  • Minimum of 2 pre-wedding consultations to gather information and personalize the ceremony, confirm wedding details and ensure information paperwork is complete.
  • Officiating of wedding ceremony using a unique ceremony written specifically for each couple.
  • Frameable Civil Marriage Statement
  • Submission of Completed Marriage License to Alberta Vital Statistics (the legal component).



In my opinion, rehearsals are something that are essential to ensuring a wedding goes as smoothly as possible.  It give the wedding participants an opportunity to run through the wedding process and identify and resolve any glitches, from timing of music and sorting out the PA system, to where people need to stand and decoration placement.  I find that it gives people a lot of peace of mind and that was definitely the case for me.

  • Running of rehearsal with bridal party and family the night prior to the ceremony to ensure everyone is familiar and comfortable with the ceremony procedure
  • Review of required marriage documents
  • Run through of recessional and processional
  • Collaboration with Wedding Planner if necessary

Odds & Ends

Travel/accommodation fees may be requested depending on location of the wedding and requirements of the Officiant.

Basic Wedding Ceremony


This is a great option for those wanting a shorter ceremony or who are having a smaller crowd.  The ceremony follows the same template for each couple with basic customization.  I prefer to meet the couple at least once prior to the wedding if possible, however, information can be gathered via phone and/or email.  The Basic Wedding Ceremony includes:

  • Pre-wedding phone consultation (or in person meeting as needed) and completion of information paperwork, review of ceremony details
  • Officiation of wedding ceremony using the standard civil ceremony template
  • Frameable Civil Marriage Statement
  • Submission of Completed Marriage License to Alberta Vital Statistics (legal component)


$50.00 Each

Legally, 2 people over the age of 18 are required to witness the marriage and sign the paperwork.  Sometimes people aren’t able to obtain witnesses, so I will supply 1-2 as needed.

Rush Registration


In certain circumstances, people require their legal marriage documents to be processed by Vital Statistics as quickly as possible.  I can submit the marriage license at a registry office the next business day following marriage ceremony, saving up to 2-3 weeks processing time.