Q. What is a Marriage Commissioner?

Marriage Commissioner is appointed by the Alberta government and is able to perform civil ceremonies. This is an alternative to religious ceremonies which are performed by a religious representative or clergy person registered with Vital Statistics

Q. What are your fees? Do you require a deposit?

My rates vary depending on the type of ceremony you are wanting. A deposit of $150 is required to secure the date and is due upon booking. Please see my “Fees/Services” list for details.

Q. How do I obtain a Marriage Licence?

You must get an Alberta marriage licence before you can get married in Alberta. A marriage licence shows a marriage officiant that all the laws in Alberta have been met and the couple can get married. Alberta Marriage Licences are available from a registry agent office.  A registry agent issues a 2-part document. The top part is a Registration of Marriage and the bottom part is the marriage licence: the full document (Registration of Marriage and Marriage Licence) must be given to the marriage officiant that will be performing the marriage and the document must be kept in good condition and not folded as the document will be permanently archived

Q. What is a Civil Marriage Statement?

It is a statement provided by the marriage commissioner serving as Proof of Marriage until receipt of the Marriage Certificate.

Q. What paperwork is needed to be completed prior to/on the wedding day?

Please remember to bring Alberta Marriage Licence with you to the marriage ceremony and is provided to the Marriage Commissioner prior to the commencement of the marriage ceremony. The Marriage Licence is what is signed during the marriage ceremony.  TWO witnesses need to be chosen to sign the Alberta Marriage Licence (over the age of 18 years old).  They will be asked to sign the Marriage Licence after each of you have signed.  The Civil Marriage Statement will be provided (proof of marriage but not a legal document) by Marriage Commissioner following the ceremony and the completed Alberta Marriage Licence will be submitted to Alberta Vital Statistics via mail on behalf of the Marriage Commissioner.